TrickTrades — War Room Psychology Package Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4

TrickTrades — War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1–4) Full Course Download

TrickTrades — War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1–4) Complete Course
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TrickTrades — War Room Psychology Package Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4

War Room Psychology Vol. 1


  • Consistency will come…Learn how to overcome that monkey on your back
  • Cutting losers…this is a big problem a lot of traders face, now learn how to smash that bad habit
  • How to go from paper trading to REAL money…learn the proper mindset to make that switch
  • How MM’s & smart money mess with your head…learn the mind games they play and now beat ’em at their own game.
  • How to beat mental exhaustion…trading can be hard on the head, now finally discover the way to relax and beat it.
  • How to stop destroying your confidence…these are golden simple tips that you’ve probably never even tried…and they work!
  • How to stop over trading…this can take down the biggest accounts, now have the mental toughness to be save more profits than ever before.
  • Get yourself to just pull the trigger…no more living in hindsight, this strategy will make you nothing but money!
  • How to stop overthinking your trade…maybe you’ve left a lot of money on the table before…not anymore…see how simple a trade can be.
  • Learn to use patience and wait for the trade…FOMO is real…now learn how to smash it for good and see the trade setting up that was always right in front of you.
  • The psychology of writing down your percentage gains and losers…so overlooked, but so powerful. Use this mental strategy to build amazing confidence.
  • You need to re-wire your brain…get “unbrainwashed” from all that bad information you learned in the past and finally discover the amazing potential right in front of you every day.

War Room Psychology Vol. 2

This is a continuation of the enormously successful War Room series…this is the second installment of Psychology…Vol. 2. Once again Pat pulls back the curtain on the secret 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and delivers some amazing psychology based training and techniques to get his members to the top of their trading game. These are the kind of educational classes that you’ll never see any other educator out there producing. And like volume 1, these are secret strategies that Pat doesn’t share anywhere else.

  • Why talking to yourself out loud during a trade works…there’s a muscle mind connection you have to experience.
  • How to get over your own negative psychology…some awesome tips to deal with self-deprecating talk
  • How to deal with intra day bias…get set on your strategy and don’t fear switching biases during the day
  • Don’t worry about missing the trade…how to protect your profits and score a huge trade after you think it’s over
  • Why your personal life must be in sync with your trading life…how to final find the balance you’ve been looking for
  • Why yesterday’s highs and lows are important…there’s a reason why these levels are key to a successful trade and Pat is going to explain to you the psychology behind finding the most accurate levels to trade off of
  • Stop using the “what if…?” scenario…this is probably damaging you more than you think…now find out how to stop it
  • Take advantage of volatility…you can score huge gains using the psychology of volatility to your advantage…find out exactly how Pat does it
  • How to combat FOMO…there is a simple way to crush this feeling and once you learn how, you’re going to be so much more relaxed and wait for the trade to come to you…almost guaranteeing you solid gains
  • How to trade when you don’t have the time…there’s a certain way to trade when you only have an hour or two to trade…Pat explains the psychology behind being able to trade successfully with limited time.

War Room Psychology Vol. 3

  • How to look at a loss as a victory and not as a defeat (it’s all about perception)
  • Why the quest for perfection will crush you (some simple rules to follow to explode your trading)
  • What to do after a big gain (how to make sure you hold on to your profits)
  • Why using small size is essential in the beginning and how it affects your mental state in a trade
  • Fixing a gambler’s mindset — watch me help a struggling trader with a true confession
  • How many stabs you should take at one trade (know when to shut it down)
  • How over-analyzing will crush your success (this is the root of most failures…now learn how to beat it!)
  • How micro-managing will destroy your trade (learn what you should really be watching and learn to cut out the noise!)
  • When it seems you just have problem after problem…what to do to crush that belief
  • When you see everybody else kicking ass making money with winning trades and you’re still struggling (it’s not what is seems…trust me)

War Room Psychology Vol. 4

Another installment of the Psychology set…this release includes some highly coveted strategies and answers some very common problems that traders face on a daily basis.

  • How to ramp up size correctly (this is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome successfully…now learn how to do it with confidence)
  • Catching the whole move on a trade doesn’t matter…here’s why…
  • Don’t get overconfident or cocky after a few green days (this is where most traders fail and get crushed)
  • How much $$ do you REALLY have to make? Pat breaks it down and you’ll be shocked when you see what the reality is!
  • How to know when you’re ready to go full time (it may be looking at you right in the face)
  • How to overcome analysis paralysis…(learn what you need to do to cut out all the noise and just take the trade)
  • The daily P & L doesn’t mean SH#T! Here’s why and what really matters…
  • Unique and secret techniques to stop over trading (Pat practices these on a daily basis and it’s why he’s so successful)
  • When you feel like you’re always on the wrong side of the trade…(find out what the reality really is)

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