Things you should avoid before making love to your partner

1. Avoid very spicy or high-fat content foods

If you’re planning on having sex, keep the hot sauce to a minimum. Spicy meals, such as curry and peppers, can cause acid reflux symptoms such as heartburn and a burning sensation in the throat, making it difficult to get in form. In addition, you may not be able to hold in gases or burps if your body is sensitive to spicy foods.

2. Keep the alcohol to a bare minimum

While a few beers may get you in the mood, men should avoid drinking too much alcohol before sex. Excessive alcohol intake can cause Erectile dysfunction (ED) — a condition that makes it challenging to get or maintain a solid erection to do the needful.

3. Never shave right before sex

Is shaving your lady parts your favorite method of grooming? It’s not an issue, but you should prepare ahead of time. Shaving makes the skin around your genitals easily broken, sensitive, and susceptible to irritation from sex friction.

4. Skip taking antihistamine

Do you get a stuffy feeling? If you are going to get busy later, you might want to skip the cough and cold medicine. While antihistamines aid in drying runny noses, they aren’t the only item that will dry up. Because these medicines cause mucous membranes to dry out all over the body, women may feel that their vaginas are less lubricated.

5. Avoid skipping the foreplay

Foreplay might assist you and your lover in getting in the mood if you have the time. Kissing, snuggling, and oral stimulation are all examples of foreplay, and the advantages are enormous.



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