Simpler Trading — Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package & Bonus

Simpler Trading — Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package & Bonus
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Creator — Josh Whiting

Monthly Interactive Trading Sessions with Joe

Day trading Futures can be a challenge for traders looking to target consistent gains. However, missing the point of entry can cause traders to not only “miss out” on finding trades, many also expose themselves to a substantial amount of risk. That’s why Joe Rokop, with his years of professional and commercial experience, created the “Strike Zone” method. He’s determined to help traders hone their skills by using his “no brainer” entry signals to catch big moves while calculating risk. This has allowed Joe to target 100% to 300% intraday returns.

Follow Joe’s “Strike Zone” setups in real-time. Become a member to attend a monthly live-trading and Q&A session.

Simple 1:3 Risk To Reward Trades like $10,660 on NQ

Once per month members
get to join Joe in a group
live-trading session

Between sessions, you get
Joe’s “Strike Zone” instant trade alerts in real-time

Follow along with updated
trades to see what Joe has open and when

The Strike Zone Mastery is for traders looking to consistently grow their account with a trading plan that works best with their lives. This Mastery is designed to demonstrate how Joe is able to lower risk with the objective of making consistent profits. This is for any trader looking for the best times to trade along with the entries optimal for market conditions.

Struggling with risk? Follow Joe’s “Strike Zone” Mastery trades to lower risk while yielding a substantial amount of reward.

Want to Learn the Strategy? You get a Q&A day with Joe and fellow Mastery members every month. Use these interactive sessions to get your questions answered.

Want real-time trade ideas? Get push alerts to your mobile device when Joe identifies new “no brainer” signals.

What’s working now? Stay connected with this community and be among the first to know when Joe adapts to changing market conditions.

Want to trade with more confidence? We’re here to help you master the same “Strike Zone” strategy Joe used to make 300% intraday returns.

In Central Time Zone

January 20th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

February 17th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

March 17th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

April 21st

8:20AM to 10:50AM

May 19th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

June 16th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

July 21st

8:20AM to 10:50AM

August 18th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

September 15th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

October 20th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

November 17th

8:20AM to 10:50AM

December 15th

8:20AM to 10:50AMSomething to keep in mind: Even if you cannot attend all of the above sessions LIVE you’ll have access to all recordings to watch at your own convenience.

Take advantage of these exclusive, monthly live-trading sessions because this is the fastest way to take your results to the next level.

This is your opportunity to trade with Joe in real-time. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery of the “Strike Zone” method than to interact with Joe and watch him use his “no brainer” signals to manage risk and earn big returns. As always, our informal goal is to make enough profit from the trades in each session to more than pay for the Mastery Program (obviously, no promises). If you love live-trading with Joe, take advantage of this invitation and get ready for an unforgettable experience.


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A: Absolutely! All live trading sessions will be recorded and reside in your Live Session Archives after the sessions have concluded.

A: Traders who sign up for this membership will have access to the live trading recording as long as they are active members.

A: Yes, you can log in using the Simpler Trading App with your username and password from anywhere with a good Internet or wireless connection.

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If link is dead or was taken down, message me on messenger or email

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