Seven things ladies must do after s3x

1. Empty your bladder

During sex, bacteria can get into your urethra, the tube that carries urine out of your body. That can raise your chances of an infection. But when you urinate, you flush those germs out.

2. Wash up

Gently cleaning yourself after s3x can protect women and men alike from infections like of the urinary tract (UTIs).

2. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly

It’s the best way to get rid of bacteria you might pick up from touching your or your partner’s genitals. That’s key to stop infections from spreading. Wash with soap and water, and make it part of your post-sex clean-up routine.

3. Ingest liquid, water preferably

Since it’s a good idea to pee after a roll in the hay, don’t forget to drink water.

4. Check for signs of pain or bleeding

Double-check for any sign of post-intercourse trauma like pain or bleeding.

5. Double check with the condom

This is to ensure while you were being taken on a ride through the clouds, your protection helmet didn’t decide to give way or even get stuck in your honeypot which can pose a grave health risk to you.

6. Wear loose-fitting clothing

Hot, sweaty places are perfect spots for bacteria and yeast to thrive.



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