Saurav Jain — Facebook Ads Mastery

Saurav Jain — Facebook Ads Mastery
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Creator — Saurav Jain

Everything that you would require to become a successful Facebook Advertiser!

Are you tired of Facebook pages and its poor organic reach? Don’t be as this course will help you discover the true potential of this platform. I am Sorav Jain,I run an agency in Chennai called echoVME. In last 10 years I have worked with 75+ brands have spent close to about 100,000 US $ on Facebook advertisements. All my years of learning is brought into this session with interesting processes and case studies.

With this lesson, you are for sure to master Facebook Advertisement and Marketing techniques!

How is the session planned?

Sessions very much starts with basics, guides you step by step and then the process goes advanced. You can watch, re-watch videos but you will be able to become a Rockstar only by implementing what I teach.

So, learn, implement and grow!

Sorav Jain is a leading Digital Marketing Professional of India, he runs echoVME — Digital Marketing Agency based out of Chennai. He has trained more than 5000+ professionals in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding. He has worked with brands like Amrutanjan, Bosch India, infinitheism,, Urban Tree Infrastructures, Vijay Shanthi Builders, Genpact, TE Connectivity, DDB Mudra, Times Internet, MSL India, ChuChuTV and offered world class Digital Marketing Training and Services.

Sorav is Loyola College and Leeds University Business School alumni and have won:

Top 25 Social Media Marketer of India award from CMO Asia in 2013.
Best Digital Marketing Agency Award by World HRD Congress in 2016.
Digital Marketing Person of the Year by World HRD Congress in 2016.
Sorav is on a mission to reach 5 Lakhs by end of 2020 and enlighten them to follow and lead the Digital Marketing Pathway.

I acquired this for a huge sum of $197 and am giving it to you guys for free not to encourage privacy but i know how hard the economy is on student. Please if you have the money to purchase it, Please do so by going to the sales page download link I’ll be giving below this post to encourage the author.

If link is dead or was taken down, message me on messenger or email

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I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. Join Us at:

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Adetunji Matthew

Adetunji Matthew

I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. Join Us at:

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