NFT for Photographers: How to mint, sell & make money

What is NFT?

Prints vs NFTs

What is NFT?

Prints vs NFTs

How do you buy and sell NFTs?

How to create your NFT

1. Do research on NFTS

2. Create an account with Cryptocurrency exchange.

3. Buy an acceptable crypto on your Cryptocurrency exchange.

4. Create a digital wallet. E.g Metamask.

5. Transfer your money to your wallet.

6. Choose and create your marketplace account.

7. Connect your wallet and upload your digital assets.

8. Mint and pay the Gas fee

9. Fix the price of your NFT

10. List the NFT and pay the second Gas fee.

11. Promote on social media.

12. Make a sale

As you start as an NFT artist, keep these in mind

  • Artist’s statement: Let there be a statement about your work. What do you intend your work to achieve? What audience are you targeting? Etc.
  • Have a story with your work: People love stories, so let your work tell a relatable story.
  • Be Different: Let your uniqueness make you stand out from other NFT photographers.
  • Market yourself: If you want to make money, you need to reach out to a large audience and marketing is the only way to do this.
  • Share other people’s digital art: Be part of the NFT community, you cannot exist in isolation, so learn to share and appreciate the works of other NFT artists.

What does the future hold for NFT photographers?




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