4 Ways To Get Noticed By The Girl Of Your Dreams

Ignore her.

Sounds confusing? Hear us out first. It’s no big secret that ladies love attention, especially from guys. So, if you are unbothered by her presence, she will be intrigued and look for several ways to get your attention. Now the tables have turned; it’s no longer you trying to get her attention but the other way round.

Be a father figure to her siblings.

The best way to get someone is through their family (even kidnappers understand this). Quit thinking about directly approaching your crush; go through her family members, siblings to be specific. As awful and annoying as her siblings might be, your crush loves them very much. So, become a sort of father figure to them by taking care of them and occasionally spoiling them with gifts.

Become a bad boy.

There is a reason why many girls love and read Wattpad rom-coms where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy. Girls love bad boys. Being a gentleman is an obsolete trend. Now, bad boys are in demand more than ever due to the exciting thrill and mysteriousness that they possess.

Save her from danger.

Many girls want a knight in shining armour, and we bet your crush is one of them. People can hardly wash away the feeling of indebtedness to someone who saved their lives. Quoting a line from a Bruno Mars song, “Catch a grenade” for your crush (it doesn’t have to be a literal grenade, but you get the idea).



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